Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All Slicked Up

Wow! What a blessing us four kids have to look at you guys and see basically a perfect marriage. (I know it’s not perfect, but I still haven’t seen you fight or anything). It’s funny cause when elders talk about marriage they are like "of course there will be lots of fighting in marriage cause we have seen our parents".  I just sorta laugh, because i have never seen my father mis-treat my mom or any harsh words thrown around. I am so grateful for that and know that, that will and has left the standard of what i want my marriage to be like!
This week there was a lot of less active work. I think the key to this work is being yourself with them. They know what missionaries are and they know what we do. But the first few times you visit them you gotta let them know that you are there to get to know them and stuff. You want to have them know that you love them and care for them.  We have been working with a lady and she is about 60 or 65 ish and she is pretty cool and has a really strong testimony. But we usually go to her house every Friday or so and we read the Book of Mormon with her and she usually shares some insight that she gets from it which is awesome. So i think i was blessed with being very bold. Not too bold but bold enough. So i straight up ask her every time why she isn’t coming to church and tell her how blessed she will be if she comes. i told her i wanted her to see me in my suit all slicked up and i wanted to see her in her nice Sunday dress. And she loved that.  But anyway she was there Sunday and i seriously almost did a little dance during sacrament. It was the best. Man i have seriously grown to love the people. It is so amazing. I love being on a mission where i get to come in contact with people who are just a little lost or need a little push in the right direction. Ah i hope my mission never ends! Its so amazing.
Funny story. so one of our investigators is very very deaf. like insane deaf. but he sorta does not want to progress to baptism because that would mean he has to give up smoking and coffee. So i said to him if Jesus Christ was right here with us and asked you to give up drinking coffee would you? (hoping that he would say yes, then i would say well i am a missionary who represents Jesus Christ, what i say is what He would have me say. That brings a real strong bold spirit that is amazing) but he said "thats a stupid question, you are stupid for asking that" Well thank you! I love you too man. After that the lesson sorta got unraveled but that’s okay. It also didn’t help that i was on exchanges with an elder who doesn’t really care too much for his mission so he didn’t say really anything. But oh well! Next week i am going to commit this man to be baptized and he will not think i am stupid but he will consider me a representative of Jesus. That was funny though just cause this old man just called me stupid so i was like wait wait wait...what?
But i fell on my bike trying to get air of a curb. Didn’t work. I will try my hardest to remember to strap the good old helmet on.
I may have already talked a little bit about Ether 12:27 but it totally reminds me of Enoch in Moses 6, i believe (sorry i forgot my scriptures back at lil Macedo). But i love how the Lord comes to Enoch and says that he needs to prohecy to these people who are really evil, who have a hell prepared for them, and instead of running away or doing any of that he humbles himself and asks the Lord why he was chosen. And he says he is but a lad and all the people hate him and he is slow of speech. I can’t remember the verse perfectly but the Lord comes to him and says basically I got you covered man go out and do as I commanded and nothing will stand in your way. This always reminds me of Nephi when he says "i will go and do the things the Lord commands". We need to realize that what the Lord says and asks are commandments and we aren’t only supposed to do them, the Lord expects us to do them. So i see if i am not confident in myself as a missionary or i don’t understand this rule or that rule i can get on my knees and pray and i know Heavenly Father will let me know what i need to do. He has done it before with Enoch and countless others in the scriptures, and in this church we believe that God still talks to people and we believe that we can receive personal revelation so why don’t we get on our knees more and ask God? He promises us numerous times that if we simply ask He will answer. I love the Lord, He is my Savior. I love Our Literal Heavenly Father, who gave us His Son. How blessed are we. I say these things in Jesus Christ name.
I hope you all have a great day. I am constantly praying for each and every one of you.
Love Elder Simons
Sorry so many typos, but i have to rush mom sorry!

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