Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Sweet" Bike Crash

Hey mom, First of all i got the package...all i can say is do i deserve all of that? Thank YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
So half misson conf was so good! We had Elder and Sister Kearon there from the seventy. They were such great people. It was good to see them there and have them teach us. We need to remember how important it is to Learn by the Spirt. General Conference is coming up and we need to write down the feelings we get while we listen. That is the spirit just lightly putting thoughts and words in our mind. So take heed and write some notes.
Well we went back to [our investigator] and he wasn't there. Sorta stinky but its way okay because even if i am not the one that gets to help him come to the waters of baptism i am still the one who found him and i still find joy in that. But i have a feeling he was just a little busy with four kids and walnut season coming in. Its so funny cause i know like every crop harvest and plant time now. I am such a little Gridlite. Its super fun being here.  I hope i don't get transferred. Alot of missionaries go crazy in Gridley and get really apostate but i like it here. Maybe cause i am orginally very crazy and...well i am not apostate that's for sure. I am doing my best to be exactly obedient. It really isn't hard. Unless you want to make it hard for yourself. I feel so much happier following every rule i can. I feel blessed as well.
So they grow Asian pears here too, so eating those have been like...a piece of home. They aren't as sweet but that's okay. People here all have gardens so its great when people come to church and just hand us missionaries three bags full of every kind of veggie you can think of. It is really funny. But i don't mind it.
But yes mom i do like working hard. It is relaxing in a way. No one here can understand that exactly but i can. I love work.
This letter will be short cause i have to hurry but yeah
I had a nice little crash on my bike this week. That was really interesting. I was wearing my helmet but it wasn't strapped (way too cool for that).  I landed on my head and elbow but my helmet was still on for impact. It was sweet. My elbow got scraped up semi-bad. It was fun though. I still made some visits bleeding and half dazed. But bikes aren't too bad. I have only biked 25 miles since Saturday i think. Not bad. We will see what happens.
I will write a better letter next week but i hope you are all having a wonderful day.
Remember no miracle will happen without faith, so get some faith!
Love Elder Simons

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