Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Loving Gridley

Elder Simons & Elder Peterson

Elder Simons taking a bike for a spin

Hey mom!
I'm sorry for the delay on the email! We had to move a member into our ward and it was...insane. There was so much stuff to move. It was..ah crazy. But i am here. I feel a lot better which is good. I am excited for this next week to finish out this transfer strong. So this past week was kind of slower which isn't great but that's okay.

So conference was so amazing!! It was so much different now that i am on a mission. I felt the spirit so much stronger this time around. It was because i actually paid attention.
But anyway I hope you guys had so much fun at the cabin, i thought about you a lot but i didn't have trunky thoughts. How much did dad sleep during the sessions? Just kidding dad!
But yeah i hope i don't leave Gridley. It's so awesome. I went to Oroville today for groceries and there were so many cars i was like getting aniexty! I was like wow i am too crowded here. I want to go back to Gridley. So that made me realize that i want to stay. But we get transfer calls next Saturday so we will see what happens. I know though wherever i am sent that's where the Lord needs me.
But hmm what to tell you. Still mostly less active work right now. I love to see people bear their testimony who thought they had lost it. It's a miracle. I want an investigator way bad though. A solid one that is. I know the harder i work the closer i come to him or her. I love the Lord. His hand is in all things. 
anyway i love you guys. Have a wonderful fhe!
Elder Simons!

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