Monday, October 17, 2011

100% Committed to the Work

Training has been a humbling experience. My companion is named Elder Buhler and he is really great. He is from Highland, Utah and he already is such a great missionary! I feel like he has been a missionary for quite a long time. I have already learned so much from him, mainly how to be teachable. He does a great job at that, and that is something that i want to work on. He is great. We (Bo and I) picked him up at Yuba City. It seems like i was just in that same building when i was meeting Elder Osejo. 
Seems like you guys had a great week! I did too. It was pretty tiring though, but that is always good. We tracted a lot on Elder Buhler's second day and we met this lady and she had some questions about the Plan of Salvation so we answered and taught a little about the Book Of Mormon. We are going back Wednesday night, so i am super excited about that one. We really need to pick up some solid investigators. We are going to visit some former investigators this week for about the third time over. It's pretty funny because they all know me and pretty much are my friends now, so maybe this time around they will let us in and start teaching again!
We had such a good Trainer/Trainee meeting on Friday. President Weston taught some of the doctrine of Christ and our missionary purpose. Man i love that man. He is awesome.

President Weston, Elder Buhler, and Elder Simons
Still doing some good work with the less-active people. We have fully activated one woman in our ward. She is so awesome. I love going over and teaching her. We have been working with her for basically my whole mission and she is totally coming every week. Heavenly Father is showering down blessings upon us. I feel so lucky to be on my mission. It has been hard. It is hard not having too much success in the baptism area but i feel so successful as a missionary, because my success is based on my commitment. And i am 100% committed to this work. I love this work so much, this is the Lords work!
So this week when i got Elder Buhler they totally forgot to bring his bike down from the mission office. So we had to use a member's bike that is from the sixties with some newer parts put on it. I let Elder Buhler take my bike and i used the other one. Man that bike needs to be retired! It is so insane to ride.

Elder Simons, on p-day, riding the old borrowed bike from the 60's
But then we got Elder Buhlers bike and on Friday night we were riding around and he used his front brakes (he was used to mine, where both of my front brake pads have been stolen) and totally fell over the top of his handlebars and sprained  his wrists. So now we have to walk around. We are on direct orders to stay off bikes. So the Lord is truly trying to humble me. I loved the car so much, then i started loving bikes incredibly a ton, and now i get to start loving walking! Haha i love the Lord. I have to go but i hope all of you are doing wonderful! I love you very  much.
Elder Simons

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