Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving week

Our week has been so nice! We had such a great miracle this week. So there is this girl in the ward who her dad won't really give her permission to be baptized and he is actually quite anti-mormon. And she asked about a month ago and he said no. And they were like pretty sure he wasn't going to change his mind for a while. And i fasted like three times this week and on Saturday we called like half the ward and asked if they wanted to fast with us (everyone of them said yes). It was the best. It has been a really spiritual week this week. I loved it. But anyway she asked her dad last night and he said that they would talk about it this weekend. That is such an improvment from the past! So hopefully he will sign the permission slip and we can get on board with that and baptize her.

For Thanksgiving we went over to the Bishop's house and had a real good time. We played Apples to Apples and a couple other games. I lost at all of them. I think they chose the games i would be the worst at and played them. Either way i was happy. We played basketball with some people from the ward. It was sweet. I had a lot of fun. We were going to try and make the queso from Chilis but it went horribly wrong. It ruined our house. It stinks like bad cheese but we are used to it, or maybe its gone. (so now our gangster cat has something to eat for a couple days) but we ended up just bringing some salsa and chips. Which was also pretty good.

Elder Buhler and Elder Simons at the Pratt's home on Thanksgiving Eve

We are teaching another 9 year old this week on Tuesday. We are hoping to get her baptized and her family back to church. I love the example she is setting for her family by wanting to be baptized and wanting to come to church. It shows me the importance of becoming like a little child. We must be humble and willing to do whatever is asked at all costs. Otherwise like the scripture says, "We will in nowise inherit the Kingdom of God". I love it.
What else happened this week...okay so the bishop gave us that refferral of the excommunicated member two weeks ago (did i tell you guys that?) and we finally got to sit down with him yesterday finally. He also has a buddy who is his roomate and he is a less active. They are really cool guys. They love us missionaries. They are about twenty three twenty four ish, and they were like "everyone always said we were going to be the best missionaries but we fell off the path". They smoke and drink and they said they don't really have the desire to stop, but having us over, they hope that that desire will spark in them. We told them we are teaching the Sunday School lesson on Sunday and they had to be there. And they are like "oh yeah for sure"! I cant wait. They had like bandanas and tattoos and all sorts of stuff. And they smell like smoke. (cool quote i heard once from somewhere out here... the bishop was talking to someone who smoked and didn't want to come to sacrament meeting because she didn't want anyone to smell her, he said "if everyone's sins stunk like smoking does, the chapel would be the most smelly place on the earth, but luckily we have the atonement that can erase that smell from off our bodies" (or something like that :) ) but hopefully they will be there. They are really cool people.
Lets see..old investigators we met with the deaf investigator this week, and he isn't ready to be baptized, but we shared with him D&C 135. That is a really powerful one. He knows Joesph Smith is a prophet. He is just scared of the commitment that baptism is. He will be humbled one day and be baptized. But I don't think in my time in Gridley, but i have loved teaching him. He is great. He is funny in a really different sort of way. I have learned so much from studying for him. What a blessing. What a blessing.
The less active work is blooming just wonderfully! I love that work. It is just fun! It's fun to see people's testimonies get re-sparked. It is a true blessing to be able to sit back and watch them dig up their old testimonies. I love it! But anyway i better go. My time is running out in Gridley and it is sad. I have something to accomplish though, i know it! I love you guys! I love the Lord!
Love Simons!
P.S. I cant wait to show you Gridley one day!

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