Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An added portion of the spirit

This week was really good. So fast. Again. Time is really weird. But that's life. 

We picked up a husband in a part-member family this past week. He is a good guy. With a few interesting concerns that we will work on. They are concerns I haven't ever heard of before but I have had some crazy ones before. I know that as we teach him the importance of having a testimony on Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon he will forget those concerns and come unto Christ and know His church has been restored in these the latter days. I'm excited about the progress that can be made. 

You guys are getting really busy. Keep up the good work. What else happened...oh so like two weeks ago I got spit on by a man we were trying to street contact. It was sort of a neat feeling to be able to be spit on for the sake of Jesus Christ. I was proud to be a Mormon. I was proud to wear my name tag. He said a couple words i hadn't heard in a while which were interesting. Which reminds me I have really been trying to clean up my language. Of course i don't swear or get anywhere near it but still I could use some work. The words which I say can have a powerful impact on how much the spirit is present in my life and especially as I teach. I have been cutting out words and I have felt an added portion of the spirit and I love it! 

The mutual thing with the kids went alright. The deacons got crazy. But other than that i think it went well. The video is really sweet though. You will have to see it. It will be on Youtube i think. Maybe it is on now i don't know. (Sister Busch's son is putting it up so i will have her email you when its up)

Life is good on a mission. I feel so blessed to be able to be out here. Its so much fun. We are doing good. Transfers are coming up on the 19th. I wonder if I will be transferred. That will be nuts. Ah! 

Anyway I love you all! 
Elder Simons

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