Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It has changed my heart

This week has been great once again! And little Wyatt was born! That is amazing. I can't wait to hold that little mister. So you say he has a mouth like mine? That serves Whitney right for making fun of my ghetto lips. Just kidding Whitney! That is amazing though. What a special time in all of our lives to welcome a new born baby into the world. So fresh from our Heavenly Parents'  presence. I'm sure there was a special spirit that was about him when he was born and first held. I hope and fully expect to feel that little boy's spirit when I get to hold him soon. What a blessing our family has received! 

But anyway to report on my week, it has been alright. I have had a lot on my mind but things are great nonetheless. The work has been a bit slower. I credit that to having four exchanges this week. I was out of the area quite a bit so Elder McMurray had to take the area over, which he isn't too familiar with so it was hard for him. Oh well. I was able to perform a baptismal interview in Hayfork. A man I interviewed in November that wasn't ready at the time, but when I interviewed him this time he was ready to go and ready to fully accept the Gospel of Christ and live accordingly. He is a great guy and will be a great addition to that little branch up there. 

The week has been good though, we have to push back our date for [one of our investigators] because he wasn't able to make it to church and he still has to work on some things. I really hope we can help him be baptized and enter into covenants with God. It will bless his and his wife's life.

Our ward council in our family ward is doing some amazing things. Everyone is putting forth their best effort and miracles are happening. I bet this ward will have 10 baptisms this year. Which is really good in our mission and extremely good for Redding. So I told you about the short transfer right? It ends in three weeks which is so crazy. And then we get a bunch of 18 year old missionaries. That will be so crazy. I really want to train one so bad! We will see what happens come transfer time. 

What else is new? Not much actually. The work has been slower but that is okay. It has been refining me and has put me in the position where the Lord can humble me and teach me new things that will help me for the rest of my life. I'm grateful to be in this position up here in Redding. I love it up here so much, the people are amazing. I love working with the members and they are doing great things. I love being able to work 24/7 for the Lord Jesus Christ. What an honor. This is something that I never will forget. It has changed my heart and built my faith. I know where my life is headed and that is because I have put my trust in the one and only true God. He will continue to guide me as long as I heed the spiritual promptings that He gives me. I love that we have the spirit to lead and guide us. We are so blessed to be a part of this wonderful church. I invite you all to thank God everyday of your life that you are a part of this church. I have been trying that and everyday I do with a sincere heart my appreciation and love of this church grows. I love you all and  I'm thankful for the service and great example you provide for me. Have a great week!

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