Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I can't put it into words...

Ye take the high road and i'll take the low road and i'll be in Scotland before ye! That is awesome that you are chilling in Scotland. I can't believe you are way over there. Enjoy yourselves because next time you are taking me :) just kidding. 

Another good week! I feel like i was just emailing yesterday. It went by fast. We have been getting these wards revived slowly and surely.

We are still working with that kid that his dad won't let him be baptized. He has such a strong testimony of this Gospel. I'm just afriad that his testimony will diminish over time without going to church or receiving the Holy Ghost. I have hope for him though. 

I'm loving my mission, i'm trying to take advantage of every minute out here. I know my time is limited here but i want to make a difference in this ward. My companion and I are doing great! We have a lot of fun, we laugh a lot. 

I don't really know what else is going on that might be interesting to everyone. I think i'm going to miss how close i have been on my mission to the Spirit. It is amazing how easily revelation comes if we are ready and the Lord needs His work done. It has been such a humbling experience. Hopefully i can be worthy and open to the revelations from God when i come home. I don't want to think about that though. I'm starting to want my mission to slow down. I don't know if i'm really wanting to go home. I love you all but my mission is...i can't put it into words. My mission has just been a blessing. Thank you for you continued prayers towards me!  I love you!  

p.s.s.s. mom i love ya. Dad sent a picture of you on like a green field. You still are just a shortie! That is okay though, i still will call you on mothers day! :) I miss ya big time.

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