Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I love this work

This week felt really long and short at the same time. It was weird. It was good not to have as much drama in the zone as last week. We had a ton of lessons fall through though. It was extremely frustrating. But I know that we are working our hardest, and I know we will be blessed for that. Some of our investigators are progressing very well and some are not. I wish I could do the commitments we leave with them, for them. But I can't. That is in complete opposition to God's plan. They need to do it for themselves. As I learn more about God's plan for His other children I realize more about my own. When I get frustrated with my investigators for not doing the things they commited to do, I think more about how my Heavenly Father feels when I don't do what I know I should be doing. It is interesting how God works. 

We were going to have a baptism this Satruday, but he is not ready. which is so sad. I hope we can baptize him before I get transferred. We are teaching so many great people. 

We had ZLC on Friday. It was great to see all my buddies. We learned so much from President. I love that man, and I know that he is called of God. I truly have a testimony that he receives revelation for us and the mission. I love it. 

Speaking of revelation, I was asked to give a talk on Revelation, on Saturday for a talk like 12 hours later in the YSA ward. It went well I thought. I kept telling the girl before me to talk for like 18 minutes so I could just bear my testimony for like three minutes and leave, but she ended up taking 9 minutes and I also remembered that the YSA beginning part including the sacrament takes 10 minutes. So I was left with...25 minutes. I was not too excited because I only prepared a talk for 15 minutes. But somehow it worked out. Hopefully it sounded not too scatterbrained. But I learned a lot from preparing. 

Anyway I love this work. I'm so thankful I'm on a misson!! I love it!!

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