Thursday, July 19, 2012

This church is pure and real

Hey mom!!

Well this week has been interesting!! So first ZLC last week. We have all the zone leaders in the mission and the assistants there. And we talk about policies and then we hear from President and Sister Weston. We got an email from Salt Lake (well President did) that says after every ZLC the zone leaders have to give a three hour training meeting, on what we have learned at ZLC. So I might have mentioned this last week but we were so underprepared!! But the Lord made all the difference and totally took control of our meeting and taught very well through us. I hope all the missionaries in the Zone got edified and enlightened. There are 8 elders 4 sisters and 1 senior couple. I love this zone so much. They are all such great examples to me.

Life is so much like a blur its crazy. I feel like it was yesterday that I hit my year mark, and I feel like it was like a week ago that I left the MTC to fly out here. Its crazy.

So this week we had stake correlation. That is where Elder Ellsworth, Me, the stake presidency, President Weston all come together and talk about the work in the stake. I have learned so much about priesthood leadership from this meeting. I love that I get this wonderful humbling opportunity to work so close with these leaders. They are teaching me so much just from their good examples. We are really trying our hardest to train the ward councils to just focus on the ward mission process and help them be more missionary minded. I got to sit next to President, and I just know that he is called of God. Everything that he says I feel the spirit confirm to me that it is true. I love that man. I look up to him so much. He is such a man!!

So I don't know if I told you much about Alicia (YSA girl). She accepted a baptismal date the first real lesson we had with her. She is so sharp and totally picks up the doctrine and runs with it. But she doesn't live in our mission :( So we have to pass her on. But I think we still can go to it. But we were asking President if we could teach her and baptize her but he totally explained and taught us about stewardship and how we can't receive revelation for her and the bishop can't either because she isn't under our stewardship and all this cool stuff. He doesn't miss a chance to teach us. He is amazing.

The Lord is real. He lives. He is amazing. I know that this church is pure and real and has the priesthood which is essential for anyone's salvation. I love you all!!

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