Thursday, May 26, 2011

"MTC Ups and Downs" or "A Conversaton With Elder Simons"

{Editor's note: He emails like he talks... it made it feel like he was right here talking to us!  :) }

Hey everyone,
how is life? i sent mail back to everyone who sent mail. Man the mtc is a place for ups and downs. i have had some good times and bad times. i am trying my hardest to feel the spirit so i can teach well. i miss everyone so much. are you guys missing me at all? i hope so.. some questions you companion is twenty one and from colorado. he is really cool and is alot of fun to joke around with. i am sending recordings of us today or tomorrow. i hope everyone is doing okay. i never thought i would be a person to get homesick. but i got so homesick it started effecting me physcially. i am keeping up faith. its just weird cause all you do is classes and meals. i dont eat here. my stomach isnt making me hungry.  it sorta stinks. i miss you guys. why cant you guys just be here. just kidding. the classes here are good. long but good. three hour classes. i wish i could just be out in the field. it will be so much better. i just want to go and knock on peoples doors. i am trying to stay positive. how do i improve my homesickness? its becoming a huge problem. i love you guys but it is bad. the other two guys in my room are also going to roseville. we are all excited to go together and also hoping we can fly home together. the first week has flown by. well i think it has. its sorta just a huge blur. its hard to wake up at six thiry. hmmm whats else to say.....thank you guys so much for my birthday stuff! it was so great. everyone here was pretty jealous. i will start eating that stuff as soon as i get an appetite. sorry for fastness and stuff with the email. i only get thirty minutes in the dang mtc. i know i am learning alot about the gospel and so far just the first lesson. we have taught a fake investigator elderly couple and that was cool. things came into my head without me really thinking about them. it was the spirit. it was really cool. i want to be fake investigators when i am older. its way cool and i want to help the missionaries. it would be fun. lets see...we went to the temple today and it was cool. huge temple. i loved it. i wanted to go back cause it was just calming. remember when dad fell asleep the last time we went? that was funny. i miss you parents and everyone! robbie lindsay whitney and mike. my faith is for sure being tested!!! and also my patience!!! as a district leader i have to tell people to do stuff and there are some people that....dont like that but i try to be nice and loving. it was a good afternoon. i ate a full bag of small chips...and that is such an improvement. MOM where are you! i miss you so much!!!!!!!!!! i love you a ton. i am praying for you guys and i hope you are praying for me too. i am waiting for my laundry to be done. soon enough. tell everyone keep sending letters. at least while i am at the mtc. its been tough. i always say i am tough. but i am nothing!!! it gets discouraging!! Dad sent a letter on dear and i know that the spirit was involved cause i was going through a way rough patch and the letter just told me about trials and stuff. it was perfect. i still read it about every hour. i make my elders laugh and i am glad i am bringing happiness to them! my teachers are pretty cool. both young and newly returned from their own missions. it is crazy what goes on here. my comp and me are getting along great, we work together so well. its nice and i am blessed. i know that we were put together for a reason. he is so cool. i love you mom and i love everyone.
love elder simons

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  1. He's a freaking stud. I'm so proud to be his brother and I know he's going to tear it up in the field.