Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last email from the MTC!

{Editor's note: I want to go through and separate his letters into paragraphs, but somehow it wouldn't be the same...  :) }

OH mother! you are the best mom in the world. i love you so much!! i miss you like crazy. keep weeding. i remember my days back on the farm when i used to weed acres of land. so i know exactly how you are feeling. wow.....i am so sorry about last weeks email. i was such a downer. but today i am so happy. and like the whole last week really. i have been getting some awesome mail. i get some like everytime i go there. i love them. they help me remember why i am at the mtc and remind me that i have people who love me and who are supporting me. its such a cool thing to know so many people are behind me.  you guys are so great. really i miss you so much. i took you guys for granted. tell robbie he is probably doing a better job at mowing than i ever did. i wasnt the best. anyway i do need some multivitamins or something. that would be nice. and i have bumped into everyone here. cousins, north, friends. there are ten people from alta i think. my appetite is getting better. i eat more. i did lose thirteen pounds in the first week though. i gained half a pound back so i am feeling pretty confident.  man i have made some serious friends here. some that i am going to miss so much. for example elder friel. he is like a giant and he played basketball at SUU. we are getting pretty close. he is going to romania in like seven weeks! so long. i would die. i want to get out there though! i want to hit the pavement and start tracting. i know when people read that, they will laugh but i do really want to. i want to go find people. people need me. which is crazy to say! anyway i am so proud of lindsay and ryan both. man i want a Baptism so bad! but really they both are really cool for going through that. i sent them a letter today. well...yeah i think i did. anyway our district is seriously the closest district out there. we do our banana phone skit and people love it. because we were so valiant and good some older elders found favor in us and passed down the book of three bills. scripture written by elders on advice for the mtc. it is so much fun. i wrote mine about homesickness, my family, alta, the food here. it is awesome. really that has been so much fun for me. really!!! anyway i totally got dominated by a bird the other day. well i think he thought i was trying to disturb his nest but i wasnt. i was trying to get to class. but he almost got me. but i was protected! time is seriously flying. well i think it has. it sorta has been a huge blur. thanks for the dear elders yesterday! everyone sent one! it was so nice! as the district leader i do nothing except get the mail and decide who prays and what song we sing. it reminds me of dad picking one of us the pray! its crazy. and mom the flowers here remind me of you big time. and robbie everytime i put on my nametag i think of the good example you are/were to me by going on a mission and also when i play basketball. i think about whitney and mike when i am journaling and when i am at the temple! and lindsay i think of you whenever i see an insane elder. it just makes me smile and think of your cats! i really think about you guys all day long. it doesnt distract me though! at all! i promise.
i miss you family!!! so much! i would stop sending letters to the mtc on friday though. send them to the mission home! thanks!
i love you guys
ps. i may be leaving the compound to go to an eye docter to see if elder bowermans eye is alright! i hope we can go out together!!

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