Monday, June 27, 2011

Hotdogs and dehydration

Wow this week has been crazy. And super fast too. Its insane because last p-day seems like really ten years ago but it also at the same time feels like just yesterday! I have some good stories for you.
Okay first we went over to a members house for dinner named the Scotts and they had hot dogs and that is the one thing i cant muscle down so i was like "i will just take a bun and some salad" cause i really wasnt too hungry. But the next week at church i went into the Relief Society to get the missionary dinner calender and all the women in there were laughing at me cause I am the elder who doesn't like hot dogs!! They are all like "we will remember to not get hot dogs for you". And all this stuff. Then the next week (which is last week) all the women told their husbands and now i am the big joke! Its funny though! It makes the members like me more! The members are really starting to love us. They were a little held back but we have done some work and the area is already picking up and the members notice. So yeah, its nice here!

Elder Simons helping a family move on p-day

Another story! i was on exchanges with Elder Barron and we were in the Gridley third ward. We were at this investigator's house just talking to her and her son on the porch. And we were talking for like thirty minutes in the sun. I started to get really hot and sweaty. I was like "this is weird because i'm not even moving around...something must be wrong". Then i started to get super super dizzy and i was like "this is scary but i will endure as to not make me look like a total newbie at the heat". (which by the way is like 105 everyday). Fun stuff. so i am getting dizzy and then my vision is going like super black and i can't see. And Elder Barron was like "okay you guys have a nice day" and shakes their hands and i go and shake their hand and i am like "hey...i really need a drink of water". At this point i am dripping sweat. I never have sweated so much in my life. so i sit down and throw down this water and i go grab another one. But i survived without passing out! I bet i looked like such a idiot! Cause we were just standing there! I will for sure drink more water ahead of time! haha go elder simons! Elder barron is my friend so we laughed about it.
My head aches are pretty bad here. The only time i don't notice them is when i am bearing my testimony. Its funny but i feel so good when i get to do that. 
And you are lucky you got to go to the temple! i am jealous. Right now i don't get to. I actually may get to go because one of our recent converts invited us to go with him to take his own endownments out. i hope we can go! we will ask President Weston when he gets here!
i did get the package and stuff which was so nice! Thanks!! Really that was nice of you! And most of the meals here are good. They are a ton of nice fresh tomatos. Which are soooooo good!! I love them.
Have a good week and i love you!!

Elder Simons

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