Monday, January 16, 2012

New area: Roseville 9th Ward!

[Editor's Note: We have been out of town, so this is last week's letter, posted a week late!]

Hey mom!
This week has been crazy. I really like Roseville. But it is very different from Gridley. I miss Gridley a ton but what do you do?

My companion is Elder Shock.  My new apartment is really nice.  Its a lot better than the one in Gridley, but it was really, really messy when i got here so i got it all cleaned up nice and good looking. So we are back on the road.

My comp is from Cushing Oklahoma.  So thats crazy. I have only had one comp from Utah. How weird is that?  I know. Very weird. He has been out for 17 months. We get a long great. He makes me laugh because he is really sarcastic to everything in the world. Its a really interesting sense of humor.

Elder Simons & new companion, Elder Shock
Bill's baptism went great. That was such a much needed blessing for their home and also for me. I wish i could be there to help teach the new member lessons to him, but oh well.
Elder Leone is really such a great friend. We got so close serving 4 transfers together. He is now a ZL in Rocklin. So that is cool. I'm excited for him. We had some great times.

The Lord has called me to something that i wasn't ready for. Being a district leader. I have five other elders in my districts that are amazing missionaries. The best in the mission if you will and i have been called to be their leader. I feel under qualified. But i know as i give my 100% and my best the Lord will help me out tremendously. He already has for district meeting this week.

I love the Lord and the many blessings He pours down upon me. When i am having a hard time with life i just recall all the blessings and i am filled with joy.

The ward i'm serving in is the Roseville Ninth ward. Its a great ward.  Very young ward. We picked up an investigator this week and set a baptismal date with him the first lesson for Feb fourth. He came to church this week and loved it. I can't wait to see more of his progression in the gospel. i feel he is a "golden investigator" so that is really exciting. He knows he needs to quit smoking to become a Mormon so he bought all these patches and stuff so hopefully they work :)

Well have a great week wherever the heck you are! (you didnt really tell me!) Pray always!

Love Elder Simons

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