Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baptism and changing lives

Hey mom and dad,
What a week, what a week! So we had a lesson with Bill on Wednesday to get him all prepped. That went great, then i went on exchanges with Elder Leone and we went in his ward. So that was sweet. Then on Saturday we baptized Bill! It was so great!!! It went so well! I love that guy. He was so happy, i was too. I never have felt so much happiness in my life. That is so weird. My happiness has totally changed in seven months. I used to get my happiness on completely other stuff, now its other peoples' salvation. I love this work. It has truly changed my life. I love that i get to help people change their lives! Its been such a blessing.

Elder Simons, Bill, Elder Buhler
 We then confirmed Bill a member of the church on sSunday. What a neat experience. Again i love this man. I'm so proud of him and everything he has done to change his life. I am glad i had the chance to watch him change his life. What a  blessing.
So we were supposed to get the transfer calls on Saturday night but instead we got them on Sunday night. And the call was....Elder Buhler........is staying! and I'm.......going to Roseville ninth ward!!! As a district leader! Holy cow, right? I'm really nervous. But one of my buddies is a zone leader there so that will be sweet! My new companion is Elder Shock. I'm excited to be with him. I hope i can help and serve him in any way he needs me. I guess the apartment is really nice, so I'm excited to get out of ours but i will for sure miss Gridley. I don't know what I'm going to do without the ward members here. I will miss them so much. But i know change is good.
I decided I'm going to make a couple goals because I'm being transferred and there are many things I need to diligently work on. But the one i want to work on most is loving the people i serve with. The other missionaries. I love all of them but that isn't really enough. I need to show Christ-like love, maybe not washing their feet but serving them as much as i can. So you can check on me in a couple months to see how I'm doing. This Christ-like attribute is really important for so many reasons. Christ showed the ultimate example of love by atoning for us. To save us. He loves us so much. Seek out in the scrips and the words of prophets to find out about this love. It will change lives. Christ changes lives. He changed mine.
Love you!

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