Tuesday, January 24, 2012

He knows

So i had an email and it got deleted. but thats okay.

Some people from the Gridley Ward are going to the temple this Wednesday for their temple endownment and i'm going too. I'm so pumped! I can't believe i get to go to the temple again.  I miss it so much. Being in the temple brings so much peace. I cant wait!!! Also we may go to Cheescake Factory after :)

For this week though we picked up three new investigators. One of them is a dad of a family and he has gone to church faithfully longer then i have had the priesthood. And he pays tithing. He does everything he just isnt baptized yet! So we are working with him. He has some for sure potential.

We got a refferral from the sister up in Yuba City about a woman who they have been teaching and she moved down pretty close to where we live. She is ready to be baptized, we just need to go over a couple things and i think she will be baptized on the 18th. Talk about tender mercies of the Lord. What a blessing this girl is. I can just see in the future, her husband getting baptized and they get sealed in the temple and i get to be there for it. How great would that be? 

The other investigator has been investigating for about three years. I think she is ready now. She wants to understand the role of the prophet more. Which is like a relief. i can teach that doctrine.  I'm glad its not something huge. But with the Lord all things are possible so what am i saying?

This week has been an interesting one. In some ways i feel like i'm failing right now, but when i get down on my knees the Lord reassures me that He is pleased with me. And that He knows i'm doing all i can to build up His kingdom. I know that the more i show the love for the work and people the more i will be blessed. I just want to earn blessings for other people... the people i teach and the people at home who are sacrificing for me to be out there.

I love the Lord and i love that i get the eternal blessings of being able to serve. I will give you more updates next week.
Have a great week!

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