Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I love the temple!

Hey mom and dad!
Thats crazy that you talked to sister pratt! That is really fun, though. That is exciting stuff. And i could not have done any of those things without the Lord's help. I truly can testify that i received personal revelation for each of those situations and people and many more daily. I feel so blessed to be able to talk and converse with Our Heavenly Father. How lucky we are. How lucky and blessed i am.

This week went alright. The temple was for sure the highpoint. The temple is truly the house of God. You can not walk into that holy place and deny there is a God or that Jesus is His Son. The Sacramento temple is beautiful (well i guess they all are) but i loved being inside with some of the people i have gotten closest to while i have been out. I loved being in the Celestial room. I love how much synbolism is in the temple. I love it all. I can't wait to go back.

Anyway...So we confirmed the date for the baptism for the 18th of Feb.  How exciting, i know! I can't wait. She is so cool i love just talking to her about her life story and she came to church yesterday so that was really nice. We also have started teaching this 16 year old girl who already knows this whole church is true and everything but her parents will not let her get baptized. Her dad is really really anti.  He thinks that the church takes away people's freedom. He wants his daughter to be able to have tried drugs and alcohol and everything that goes along with it so she can build her own morals and values. But she is like "well i already decided against that stuff long before i heard about the church". So we are praying really hard for her and for her parents' hearts to be softened. We must put our trust in Heavenly Father.

Other then that, i went on an exchange this week with Elder Funk. it was really nice to be with him. He is a younger elder and he is a great missionary. I love exchanges because i get to learn about other missionaries' styles of doing work. It is neat.

We are trying to find more investigators. The ward needs it.  Hopefully we can deliver. Roseville is growing on me. My nose has been going insane though because i'm not used to all this pollution. I have been in Gridley where there is like no pollution. But i will get better!

Again i love the Lord and i love serving Him for twenty four hours a day for two years. How lucky am i?

Anyway i love you all and i better go.
Elder Simons

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