Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New companion

Thank you so much for the package! It was the best! The cookies....were amazing. Just a little taste of home so that was nice.

I'm still in Roseville!! Which is sweet. Elder Shock got transferred to Forest Hill. Same place Elder Osejo went after he trained me. So that is pretty cool, he is excited except there has been some pretty eerie stuff that goes on up there. Have fun Elder Shock :) I will miss him, he was great to be around.

Elder Rasmussen is coming in later today. He was Elder Buhler's MTC comp so he is pretty cool and i talked to him last week at zone conference!  I have heard some pretty good things about him.
I'm with my Zone Leader Elder Arnett right now, we are together for the day while our comps come in. Elder Frank is the new Zone Leader up here and he served in the Gridley zone before so I'm super pumped about that.

I have district meeting tomorrow, so that will be fun. Its on importance of church attendence for our investigators. It will be pretty good. I still need to prepare a bit more but i think it will overall be a good one.

We have a lesson in about forty five minutes with our investigator who has been investigating for a while, because his wife is member. I think it has been like twenty years or so. Haha man i love the people i have got to teach on my mission. Anyway i think im going to try to set a baptismal date with him today. That will be really awesome.

Our other investigator that is getting baptized this Saturday is still solid. Pray for her though. She is wonderful.

We met with our 16 year old investigator on Sunday and read the BOM with her. It was nice and she is coming along nicely. We just need to help her parents let her be baptized. We need them to be comfortable with us, and not give the impression we are trying to baptize her and then date her. That's one of their worries. Nothing the Lord can't help with. 

Other than that we are just working on finding and perfecting the saints in the ward. There are zero less-actives in our teaching pool right now, so we are working on that. You know how i like my less-actives.

Anyway, I love you guys! Is there anything i can do for you guys? I know Dad is going through a lot with his calling and business but i know he has been called, and prepared from the beginning of time. He is ready and so qualified. he has taught me so much! Man i love him. I hope he enjoyed my letter. happy birthday to him, also to you Mom!

I love you!
Elder Simmmons

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