Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Food poisoning

Hey hey,

So first of all i got food poisoning last night so i have been having to deal with that. Exciting right? I have been throwing up pretty much every since. But everything happens for a reason.

I love my new companion. His name is Elder Rasmussen. He has been out for 4 1/2 months. He came out with Elder Buhler. That is weird to me that Elder Buhler is that old. I'm such an old father! I hit nine months last Saturday. That is so weird. Its going too fast! I still feel like a greenie. My new companion likes to work so i'm happy! Very happy! We street contacted this guy and he is so sincere. He wants to learn more. He almost came to church. He was going to give us a ride. But some last minute things came up so he couldn't. But he is really cool. He will be baptized here soon enough. I will let you know about that :)

So we had a baptism on Saturday. What a great day. She is so awesome. After she was baptized she yelled for joy!  haha. It was funny. It was a pretty stressful weekend getting the service all lined up but we somehow made it and everything went smooth.

So Elder Perry is coming to our mission March 8th!!! How exciting. I cant believe it. It will be so sweet. But the Redding and Anderson zone can't come. luckily i'm down south. But i will also get to see Elder Bowerman, and some of my other peeps. Oh and Elder Buhler. Man i can't wait.

I have a feeling im being transferred this next transfer. I think Elder Rasmussen will train. We will see though. Um nothing really new to report. It will be a good week. I hope i feel better.

Anyway i better go. I love you all!

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