Monday, February 27, 2012

Testimony of Joseph Smith

Hey mom,

The week was great! We did some good work! I got over my sickness and then on Tuesday Elder Rasmussen got sick to so he just stayed in bed all day. So i got to prepare for my district meeting a little bit more. So we have district meeting each tuesday at ten thirty. And i make a lesson depending on what President wants the lesson to be on. Then we practice teach what we have learned. The past district meeting went very well. The spirit was there and i hope that everyone in attendance felt uplifted and motivated. 

Tomorrow's district meeting is on the Great Apostasy and The Restoration. So that will be great. I love talking about the Restoration. Its such a blessing in my life. And its crazy to think that people out there have never even heard of it. They are living without a restoration! But luckily i get to go out and find those elect and teach and baptize them. Amos talks about the apostasy and how there will be a hunger and thirst for the word of God. I was reading that scripture the other day and it had new meaning to me after i had had food poisoning. So last Sunday night i was thirstier then i have ever been before. It was crazy. So i sucked on an ice cube, but i ended up not being able to keep it down. And for like a hour and a half i was just chilling up being very thirsty and slowly becoming weaker (yes i was very dehydrated and it was really scary, and im here now so im okay no need to worry) and i was thinking about the things i would do for even an ice cube. What things would i do for a whole glass of water? Go tracting for a six hours straight or bike in really hot weather, just to name a few. What would the people during the great apostasy do to find that truth? They would do anything. I was so thirsty i could not stand it. So i decided to do something about it and in an act of fury and thirst i grabbed a huge glass of water and threw it down. I was pretty scared of throwing it up but somehow it stayed down so that was cool. But my point of that whole story was, think of the times in our life when we are thirsty. People are out there, right now, looking for what we have. They are literally thirsting for the truth of what the Gospel brings. People tried to act in the best way they could and made all of these churches that have some of the truths. Partial truths. Where the spirit could only be there sometime. But luckily we had someone named Joesph Smith sent to earth to question why. Joesph Smith did not go into that grove of trees to start a new church, he did not go into the trees to become a Prophet of God. He went in there because he had questions. He did something about the concerns on his mind. Joesph Smith did not start a church so he could be beaten several times, so he could riduculed from the day he testified that he had seen the Father and the Son till his last day on earth, he did not start a church so that eventually he would be martyred because he knew it to be true, and he didn't start a church so he could leave his wife and his children a widow and fatherless. But he did it anyway. I echo President Taylors words when he says "   Joseph Smith, the aProphet and bSeer of the Lord, has done more, csave Jesus only, for the salvation of men in this world, than any other man that ever lived in it.  . Without Joesph Smith i would not be the person i am today. I thank God for Joseph Smith and everything he has done for us. I am eternally in debt to Joseph Smith. I know he is a Prophet of God, And i say this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ.
The young woman we have as our investigator is asking her parents tonight for permission to be baptized. I'm so excited. I'm praying every second i can for this girl's parents to soften up. Anyway we are going laser tagging and mini golfing today! Have a wonderful day. I love you all!

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