Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Book of Mormon changes lives

Hey mom and dad!

Well this week has been an alright one. We get transfer calls on Saturday that will be really interesting. Will Shock go? Will I go?  Who knows. But either way i will take what the Lord gives me and i will run with it or i will run as hard as i can with it.

We had a couple good lessons this week. Our lady who is getting baptized on the 18th is still ready to go. She bore her sweet testimony in sacrament meeting. Which takes some courage, i can barely even do that. And not as well as she did. The spirit was there. And she is ready for baptism that is for sure. I have been thinking a lot of this woman and the Book of Mormon promise or more specifically Moroni's promise where he says that you need to read and pray with a sincere heart and real intent, then the Holy Ghost will truly make himself manifest unto you. More than just a sincere heart and real intent you have to be willing to act on that answer you get. If you want an answer to a prayer or anything you have to be willing to follow whatever answer you get and go out and act. This woman is ready to go and act. She received her answer and she acted. She is a great example to me and she is really awesome to be around. I love her dearly.

I thank the Lord daily for letting me come on a mission and meet all these great people. Im so blessed. Im so lucky.

We read the intro and the first three chapters to the Book Of Mormon with another one of our investigators and she really loved it. She is ready to change too but her parents are very skeptical. Her dad is an atheist. SO we will be working on that.

The Book of Mormon can change lives. But we need to be willing to change our lives first, then the Book of Mormon will do the rest. It has changed my life and it has changed people's lives around me. That book is true. The teachings are true. That book teaches simply and clearly that Jesus is the Christ and that God does love us. Why would someone not want to read that?? Oh yeah satan can blind people. I have met with investigators that dont progress and its because they aren't reading the Book of Mormon. It breaks my heart. But agency is a God-given gift. I can't take that away from anyone. I can control myself. I can help other people but that old saying is totally true you can only bring a horse to the water or something like that. I can tell someone that the Book of Mormon changes lives until I'm blue in the face but until they pick it up and do something and desire an answer it wont change their life.

But i do love this gospel. I do love everything about Moroni's promise. We need to continually be praying about the truthfulness of the Book Of Mormon. Just one spiritual manifestation isn't enough. Pray about it everytime you read it. It will bless your life.

I better go but have a great day!
Love Elder Simons

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