Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April baptism

Hey mom and dad!!

The baptism was so great!!! Both of her parents came and seemed to enjoy it. What a miracle that they came. 

Elder Rasmussen & Elder Simons at baptism

I still can't really believe it. I'm so thankful. And we have dinner with them tomorrow. So that's even more of a miracle. Hopefully we can spark some interest in them so they want to hear more of the Savior's message. It was just a great week overall. It went by really fast. But i really can't explain my feelings concerning her baptism. There are no words adequate. No definitions that would satisfy the pure feelings i have about this baptism and situation. It was a miracle. Her parents have had a complete 180 change of heart. And people think there is no God. 

If anyone says there is no God, I say come follow me for one day and you will see the Lord guide us to who needs to be taught, and watch the Lord put us in the right place so that someone who is looking for us comes and talks to us. If someone says there is no God it makes me speechless. How sad. We tracted into this house this week and we met a scientist. Oh what joy filled my heart. Not. So I have bashed with several scientists on my mission (they like to bash and when the days get long and it gets hot out there and i get frustrated i like to bash too) and basically they believe in nothing. They just pretend with fancy words (like a man in the Book of Mormon named Amalickiah). But yeah my conclusion on them is they believe in nothing because it is easier. But she asked and asked how i could prove God, and i told her many instances where God was evident in my life but she would just toss that fact away and ask for another one. So frustrating, while i walked away i was mad at her. But as i pondered more and listened to the spirit's whisperings i realized that its not her that i should mad at. Its satan. He is the one that has twisted her and her scientist friend club minds so they believe this foolishness and false doctrine. He is the father of lies. He desires to sift us as wheat, he wants us to be miserable like himself (lines from the BOM), but another line i found interesting is "...because they did yield themselves unto the power of Satan" Yeah their brains have been twisted and bent and destroyed to believe that there is no God. But at some point in their lives they let the power and will of Satan go before the Will of the Father. And that crushes me. How grateful i am that these people will have a second chance. But they still will have to accept the doctrine of Christ and i hope they can do that. 

Anyway sorry i just went off on a big tangent. So we haven't set a date with our other investigator but he did say he wants to be baptized before June so that is sweet. I hope he gets baptized before i leave. We did a lot of tracting this week. Met some pretty cool people. Didn't pick up any new investigators but i know that the Lord is preparing people as i type this email. I know that and i can testify of that as well. 

Thank you for you prayers. I feel the power of them everyday out here. I appreciate them and always will. I pray for you as well. I love this work. I feel lost in it. In a good way. I have lost myself in the work and I'm happier than ever and i feel like i know my purpose more than ever. I'm so thankful for that. Interviews with  President are this week!

Elder Simons
I love you!

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