Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Where goest thou?"

Thank you so much for the prayers and support, they mean so much to me. I feel the power and influence from them in my daily blessings. This week went by way too fast. I don't really understand how I'm emailing again, it feels like it should be Tuesday of last week and overall it seems like it should be July 2011. I can't believe its April 2012. It just doesn't make sense. Time flies when you are serving the Lord. I cant believe i have been in Roseville for almost four months. AHHH!! 

So i have a cool story, so Elder Rasmussen and I bought sorta cheap baseball gloves today because we needed one for P-day today and also life just seems to require a baseball glove. So we were passing the ball a bit this morning and this guy came up to us and started talking to us and telling us to guess his age. And of course we under-guessed not to hurt his feelings but anyway anyway we had a great conversation about church and God and set up a return appt and are going back on Saturday!! This guy was sweet! I see some potential in him. We have been searching for a new investigator and one just walked up to us. What a blessing and miracle. Other then that though we haven't been able to find any others but the Lord teaches us patience in funny ways. 

Elder Cordova of the Seventy came to the Roseville stake conference. It was awesome. I just want to share some stuff he said. First a scrip in Genesis chapter 3 verse 9 "And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him, "Where art thou?" (this is when the Lord comes to the Garden of Eden and is seeking Adam, but he is hiding... we all know the story) So Elder Cordova said "where are we now? Where are we standing? In holy places? Where is our spiritual level at now?" The next scripture is in Moses, 4:15 "And I, the Lord God, called unto Adam, and said unto him: "Where agoest thou?" (same situation as the one in Genesis) But here the Lord is asking us where we are going. What are we going to do to further build up the kingdom of God and build our personal testimonies? What are we going to do because of where we were? Are we moving forward? I thought that that was a great thought -- we need to always be improving, going someplace better. When i think where i have been spiritually, or really in any other aspect, when i started my mission to where i am now, it is a huge difference. I can testify that it was because of the enabling power of the Atonement. The only way to move forward is through and by the Atonement. I know that to be true.

We had dinner with our recent convert's parents and it was awesome!! They made some really good pasta. And after we had a nice talk about relegion with her mom and what she believed in. And how she felt when she read some of the Book of Mormon. I told the daughter that her mom is going to be baptized. I really think she will. It will take some time though. And like all good things, it takes time. And i will take it back to Elder Cordova's message. Her mom is at this point, at point a, and i have no doubt that through Jesus Christ and His Perfect Atonement she can reach point B, C, D, E, and F if she really wants to. There are no limits! How blessed we are to be able to use the Atonement as baptized members of this restored gospel.

Its been hot!! Really hot! I dont think my body is used to it yet. But man i have been sweating like a mad man. But people seem to have more pity on us and give us water here and there so that's nice. Not too much has happened. Our older investigator hasn't set a date yet for his baptism, but we are hoping to do that soon. But I'm loving life!! I love my mission.

Elder Simons!

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