Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lemon juice vegies?

First of all...I wish i had a time for you that we will be skyping. It will be after five though. I will call you before and let you know to turn on skype. Sound good?

So transfers came in...and I'm staying! I know weird. I thought i was getting transferred but Elder Rasmussen and I are both staying. Which is really unusual. Most comps don't stay together for three transfers so it will be good. We are going to do some good work and hopefully get a couple more baptisms! 

So I was ready to go. Ready to get transferred. But about ten minutes before we got the calls, I had such an overwhelming feeling that i was staying. It was really crazy. I told Rasmussen and he didn't believe me. But we now he knows to trust me :) I'm glad in a way to stay. My main focus is our investigator, and getting him baptized. I'm going to tell him on Thursday during our next lesson that God has granted me 6 extra weeks in this area and that I need to be at his baptism, and i will commit him and give him a date. So I'm pumped about that.

I want to get another baptism here besides that one though. Not sure who, but we will go out and find them, teach them and baptize them.

So Bob Thompson's funeral is tomorrow morning. We get to usher at it. So that will be a good experience. I miss him a lot. He was such a great guy. It should be a great funeral. Well...are funerals great? Either way it will be good.

I'm loving life right now. I love my misson so much. I don't want to go home. I'm glad I have a year left. I wish i had more time but its been wonderful. I can't believe I turn 20 soon. I'm just a kid!

Rasmussen has been down with bad allergies lately. It kinda stinks to see him suffering so bad. But it will pass i know that for sure.

Trying to think of some good things to talk about. This week was kind of uneventful. It was a good week but not too much happened I guess.

Dinner at our newest convert's house was way fun. We had some good meat, and then lemon juice veggies. Lemon juice veggies? I mean come on. It was interesting. I never have had that before. To me it tasted like veggies marinated in vinegar. I sat right by her dad so i had to get them down as best i could with a smile on my face. I don't know how well I did, but hopefully i did fine. Her parents are really cool. It's really interesting going over there and they know what we stand for and believe in and what our job is as missionaries. They aren't super relegious, but i want to talk to them more about it. I will tell you how that goes.

Sela came back from her 2 month trip! Finally. I missed her. She came to church and everyone just loves her so it was great!

But i better go. I can't wait to skype! It will be so much fun!!!  Oh cool scripture. Hebrews 11:40 and look at footnote "a". One of my favorite JST scriptures.
I love you!!

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