Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don't worry about me

Thanks for the email mom!
We had a huge celebration for pioneer day in our stake. We tried to get a ton of less actives there but i think only one showed up! But look at that success.
I am learning so much about myself! Something big i have learned today is the importance of getting married in the temple! I hope my wife wants to get married in the temple cause she isn't marrying me anywhere else than in the temple. I need someone who we can be active together and help each other be better.  ANYWAY, this week has sorta been slow. So we only got 9 lessons this week and the mission standard is 16, so that doesn't make me happy at all. So during weekly planning i have a goal to get 18 lessons this next week. We are trying to meet with active members, so we can build their testimonies and that will help them want to do missionary work. So its been nice. But its really hard to get into anyone's home, Non-member or member. Which is weird. Really no one is home.

Elder Simons and zone just before transfers
Anyway...i need some ties by the way. I will be happy with anything i'm just like super low on them. 
I have to give a talk on getting spiritually ready for missionary work next week. We will see how that goes.
We are really working hard to find people to teach. I hope you guys are having a great week. I love you all so dang much. I'm so proud of you all and everything you are doing. Don't worry about me --- the Lord and i are pretty tight. He has got my back so there is no need to worry. I love Jesus Christ and i learn more about the Atonement each and every day. How could someone die for a 19 year old child so that when he does something wrong he can have that wiped away. So amazing.
One last story, so last night we had dinner at this members house and she is like "okay desert time" and she said we are going to have pie. In my head i was like sweet just as long as it isn't lemon pie, but no one ever has lemon pie. But of course for complaining i got lemon pie. i had to gag that down with a smile on. That was the hardest thing i had to do that day. So it was a good day!
Love you all

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