Monday, July 11, 2011

Planting seeds...

Hey mom whats up?
This week has been....well no words to explain really. We are still working to visit every less-active and potential investigator in the area...and really no one answered the door. On Saturday we didn't get in to any houses. Member or non-member. It was hard. Oh well! I have a feeling we left some really good seeds.
But I know that if I keep trying the Lord will bless me.
I wish I had more to talk about! Tim didn't come to church yesterday. I wanted to cry. He needs the gospel in his life so much. He copes with his experience in the war with booze. So its been hard. I gave him one of my white shirts cause he needed it. He will come this week I know it.
Our investigator who wants to be baptized...we have dinner with him Wednesday and we will be dicussing it then. We are hoping for August 6th.

Elder Simons and Elder Osejo
We have three exchanges this week. I'm so excited. We picked up another investigator named Misty. She has two kids and she is really open to what we are teaching. Her son is playing mud football with the young men this week. It will be good for him to make friends there. It will be sweet
And Mark born in Gridley? Wow what a small world!
And I'm so excited for Corbin! He will do so good!!
And Paco's parents? Going to South Africa?? Wow!
We met the The Weston family this week!! How cool. They are such a great family. President Weston is so smart and he looks like Dad and has a Ipad too. I will always think of Dad when I'm with him. He is so cool and so sharp. That's how I would describe him. Sharp and on the ball!

President & Sister Weston and missionaries
The Lord has blessed me so much! And I'm always praying. Its so nice to just know that Heavenly Father is there always. The person that created the Plan of Salvation. You can talk to Him. How amazing!
I'm sorry for not having much to say! Next week we will have more to talk about! I hope you guys are having fun!

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