Thursday, July 7, 2011

Elder Simons' challenge

{Editor's note: We receive letters in regular mail from Elder Simons every couple of weeks or so.  This is one he wanted us to share part of with you.  Read on, and you'll see why}

...I want to challenge you guys to do something for me.  First, think of the Plan of Salvation.  From start to end.  Second, think of what blessings you get from it.  Third, think of someone who could use specifically the Plan of Salvation in their life, and share it with them.  Pray for someone to share it with.  Someone needs it.  I expect a full report on your little challenge.  And after you guys do it, put the challenge up on my blog and say "Elder Simons fully expects anyone who sees this to do it".  The plan is so amazing.  It makes me emotional every time I think about it.  Its too much for me to comprehend.  I love it.  I want to share it with lots of people.  Everyone deserves it.

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