Monday, March 12, 2012

Amazingly blessed

OH my gosh oh my gosh. What a great week. We have been amazingly blessed this week. We are at like seven investigators right now!!! I feel i have had nothing to do with it really. It seems like the Lord is just placing these amazing prepared people in my lap. The only thing i have done really is prayed for this and sought guidance for these people that they will be led to us and worked the hardest i ever have on my mission. The Lord is blessing us so much. I can't believe it.
The referral we got last week, we had a lesson with her and she is amazing. She loved it. She knows a bit about the church and as she calls it "the rules" but she was like "okay well i will have to give up coffee and other than that i will be good". So she has a desire to be baptized. That makes it soooo much easier. When the person we teach knows that one of the goals of us is to take them and get them baptized and confirmed it makes teaching have a focus. Its nice. But of course baptism is not the end goal. After baptism and confirmation we work as hard as we can to get them to the temple. So they remain active and one day can live with their Father again.
We also have had some luck on setting up appointments for next week with an 11 year old kid who is pretty shy and comes to church with his step mom and now finally after a bunch of stuff he has accepted the invitation to meet with us. I heard about him the day i got into this area and i think i have prayed for him since day one. The work in this ward is amazing! And a man at church came up to us and said "hey my son has been fellowshiping his friend and now he wants to be baptized do you want to teach him?" hmmm let me think about that one....YES!!! See what i mean about not doing anything?? yeah im working hard tracting and stuff but these awesome people in the Roseville Ninth Ward are doing their missionary work. I love it!! Baptisms will come. My personal goal is to have 4 baptisms before May 1st.
So our 17 year old investigator is still so awesome. She is reading and understanding everything. We asked her to pray about the date April 14th to be baptized and then if she got her answer she would straight up ask her dad very specifically if she could be baptized then. We asked her to do that Friday and said we would talk about it Sunday. So yesterday she said she had prayed and hadn't gotten her answer yet but she will continue. In all my prayers after that i was praying that she would get her answer. And this morning at like 7 she texted us and said "i think i got my answer"!! I was like "Really??"  And she was like "yeah i will call you after school"!! with a smiley face. So hopefully its a yes (which i know it will be) but i keep looking down at my phone waiting for her to call haha.
With our other investigator who's family is all members except him and he has been going to church and paying his tithing longer then i have had the priesthood, we talked about the life of Christ out of chapter 11 in Gospel Principles and when we got to Jesus Christ was Baptized we discussed it and invited him as servants of the Lord to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized. He first said still not ready but we pressed it a bit more. I was bold but i knew the spirit was in accord so i continued and we told him we prayed and fasted about him to be baptized also on April 14th. He felt the spirit. I can testify of that. I know he did. But he said he will still have to do some thinking on it. But that is progress.
So last week i was fasting that God would grant us to have more success in the area. I will let you be the judge if God answers prayers. I am here to testify though that he does. This work is far more important than anyone out here can imagine. Crazily more important than i can even begin to comprehend. But as we do our best to realize what we have, our desire to spread this gospel will increase. I have a testimony of this work. I do. My mission is too short. I am hitting ten months in six days. I do not want to go into the double digits in months. It scares me. We are going to give out 15 Book of Mormons this week. We are flooding the earth with this book.
I love you all. Oh one last story!! So we went over to one of my favorite members this week and they had this really good pasta stuff. But it also had some veggies that weren't so delicious if you know what i mean (cough cough onions cough peppers) so my plan was to get a lot of the greens from my salad and cover up the veggies i didnt eat and we will all be good and life would be dandy. But their daughter was like hey!! And im like shhhh! so i switched plates with her while her mom was up serving up dessert. So the mom sat down and was like.... (her name is madison) madison why didn't you have your veggies!! And just kinda goes off on this whole deal about it. And madison is laughing and she is like what!! so the mom figured it wasnt her plate so she looks at my comp's plate which is like sparkling clean because he ate everything. And so she started saying "you traded plates with my daughter??"" I was like oh shoot this is getting weird. But oh well i have my dessert im good. But it ended up that i confessed and i felt so i bad i crunched through my big pile of veggies. They are were laughing. That sure took the sweetness of the dessert out of my mouth.  But good story right? I love you all! Have a good week.

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