Monday, March 5, 2012

This is exactly what the Lord wants of me

Hey mom,

What a great week! A pretty dang fast one at that! First of all the weather here is golden. Just golden. We caught the storm last week as well. Which was hard but i love going out there and working hard and having the rain beat upon you and just being like "the Lord is pleased with me" and having that knowledge that this is exactly what the Lord wants of me. Nothing else. I love it. But it was still really cold. 

But right now it is about sixty eight degrees and it will probably get up to seventy five today. AKA perfect. The weather right now is supreme. Perfect to go out after dinner and go street contacting and walk around. It is great. Street contacting is fun. A lot of missionaries don't do it, get to meet a lot of cool people. Sure a lot of peeps don't want anything to do with you. But every once in a while you will get a great conversation going and you will hand out a Book of Mormon. I never have given out more Book of Mormons on my mission then i am now. We have given like 16 away in three weeks. Its crazy. So many seeds planted. I love it. But yes the weather is getting great haha.

In Roseville it is a complete bike stake or zone. Except the Zone Leaders who cover the YSA ward and a family ward so they get a car. But down south in the mission most of the missionaries are on bikes. As you go north then more cars come about.

So I forgot to tell you about another investigator! He was taught in another ward and he moved and we just had to finish up his teaching and get him ready for an interview. But man alive what a story. So his son (who is in our ward Roseville 9th) he and his wife joined the church back in the seventies and our investigator wanted nothing to do with it. He was living with his girlfriend and he was until a couple weeks ago. And they were living together for 30 years. And he is 94!!! He totally wanted to marry his girlfriend, but she didn't want to lose her social security so he moved out in an act of faith. What a man. He was pretty hurt but nothing the Lord can't fix. He truly has a testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ. He feels bad he ignored Him for so long. But now he isn't ignoring Him, but praising and worshiping Him. He is such a nice guy. He is hard of hearing. Almost as bad as Bill. But luckily i got some experience in Gridley! Here is a picture. (He loves missionaries so he told all of the missionaries there to join in the pic)

So the young woman who asked her parents ya know? She asked and her dad won't let her be baptized in March. So now we try for April. She amazingly prepared. She went to Young Womens yesterday and for our lesson after church with her she was like the lesson really hit me (the lesson was on honoring father and mothers) and she is like so i called a family council tonight and I'm going to organize a family home evening each Monday night. I was speechless. I was like "wow...when i was seventeen i tried everything i could to avoid FHE". Such a humbling experience to hear her say that. She is awesome though. I hope I'm here to see her baptism or at least can drive from whatever area I'm in next. We got a solid referral from the 2nd ward yesterday and we are hoping to capitalize on that. Hopefully a few baptisms come our way!!

What else? Oh so here is story for you. SO the third ward elders were having some troubles and they were fighting so we went to the stake center because they needed a third party to talk with and stuff so we talked and i realized (through the spirit) that their problem stemmed from not having perfect mornings. So i discussed this with them and they agreed and commited to me that they would have a week of perfect mornings and we would talk again and see how things are going. I know the Lord will bless them for having that perfect morning. I know it. But afterwards we were riding back home and i felt like we should stop by the first ward apartment (and there is an elder who is serving there who is a bit older then normal and i have grown to love this guy like a brother. In fact he reminds me exactly of Robbie. He has such a strong testimony and is mature and they laugh the same way and they have the same facial expressions, its kinda weird actually. OH and weirdly enough they both have the same birthday and year and everything) but i felt like i should leave him a note on his desk so i did. And when i called him last night for numbers, he was like (in a very serious voice) "What led you to writing that note a couple days ago?" I was like "i just felt like i should why?" And he said "that is exactly what i needed. I have been struggling the past couple weeks with some things and that is exactly what i needed. So thank you for listening to the Spirit."  I was speechless. Luckily i wear sunglasses when i take numbers because i was tearing up. I felt so humbled to know that i had helped someone have a better day. I was led by the Lord not really knowing that i was or why and i acted. It was a testimony builder for me. I know God is there watching over us and He knows us more than we know ourselves. This i have a testimony of.

Elder Simons and Elder Rasmussen with Sela

I love you all. Have a great week. I get to see L. Tom Perry. Cant wait.

Love Simons

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