Monday, March 26, 2012

A week of miracles

That was a good email mom, thanks.

This week has been a week a miracles. Miracles that are making me tear up as i type. First of all on Thursday we were street contacting and there was this girl, who looked like she had been through a thing or two and had piercings and all kinds of crazy stuff. So we ALMOST didn't go talk to her, but the spirit, prompted me to "go up right now and talk to her". So we did and did a street contacting schpeel and she said "well...I'm a member". (I was like "interesting...your name isn't on our records", but you can't just say that to anyone that is way creepy) So we had a great conversation and we got pretty deep into her life and we were discerning from the spirit what she needed to hear. The Lord had truly prepared her in the weeks prior to Thursday. Two days before she felt like finding her scriptures and reading the Book of Mormon. And she hasn't prayed in years but she prayed after she read. I bore testimony to her that the Holy Ghost which she received at baptism prompted her to do those things, which meant she still had a testimony of the Church. I believe that is exactly what she needed to hear. She started to tear up. I truly felt like i wasn't saying anything, but the Lord was directing my mouth to say things to her. It was a miracle. 

Another one was Friday night we had dinner with this family and the parents asked for blessings because they both in the past two years finished with ugly divorces so they have been struggling from that and with some health issues. So we said yes but we had to go visit someone and we would be back in like twenty minutes. I told Rasmussen as we got out that I'm glad we have time to think about what we are going to say. And we kept walking to the man's house we were going to visit, and I was thinking about that comment really hard, thinking "Did I really just say that? Do I really credit myself for when I give blessings? All that I have to do with it is that I'm the voice. I'm not the dictator of what the blessing consists of, but I just voice it." So for the twenty minutes we had to walk (the man wasn't home.. oh well) around I was just praying for the spirit. Not for things to say. But in aligning my will with the with Lord's. If I just thought of some great things to say that would be my will. And it would be pointless, but as I changed my will to the Lord's will I felt an abudance of the spirit fall into my mind. I received revelation of what she was going through (oh and fyi at this time I had NO idea I would be the one giving her a blessing as opposed to her husband) and what she needed and I knew that when I layed my hands upon her head I would be given everything that I needed to say. So we go back to their house and she sits down and she is says "I don't know who should perform the blessing" and all I say is "What is the spirit telling you?" And of course I had a feeling, but she chose me. And I have never before felt the spirit take over in a blessing more than when I gave voice on Friday night. I learned from the spirit. I ended the blessing and she looks up to me (teary eyed) and says "How did you know all of that?" I was like (teary eyed) "I didn't, that was all the spirit. I had nothing to do with it." That was a miracle because I think that blessing helped her out. 

The next miracle! So our young investigator's parents are letting her be baptized!! April 14th!! And they also are letting us come over to their house to read the BOM!! And these were the parents who were super 'anti' like in January. When i think about how much the Lord has softened their hearts it makes me want to weep. I can't thank the Lord enough. This week has been truly amazing. 

Oh by the way I get to stay another 6 weeks in Roseville. Its weird to think that after this transfer I will be ten days from hitting my year mark. So weird!!! I love life! I love you all!! Have a great week!

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