Monday, March 19, 2012

Obedience will bring results

Thanks for the email mom! Its been a great week! It has gone by sooo fast!

The meeting with President and the other Leaders in the southern parts of the mission was incredible. President is really trying to push the principle of obedience. I love it. Obedience will bring results. It will bring blessings. The Lord is bound when we do what He asks.

I forgot to talk about meeting with Elder Perry.  It was crazy! I loved it. He talked a lot about what he was going to talk to the bishops about with missionary work and so forth. It was quite a bit shorter then i thought it would be. But thats okay. He taught about the priesthood and how it is necessary for Christ's true church to be on the earth today. He said quite a bit of things i wish i had my notes for you guys to look at.

But anyway this week was great. Didn't set the baptismal dates we wanted to, but we are hoping to do that this week. Maybe we will even get one tonight. I hope so. The seventeen year old (that we are teaching) her parents' hearts are truly being softened. I think we will be able to soon go over and read with her at her house. She just has to finish the Book of Mormon and then she can be baptized!!! We are trying to power through it.

I love the Book of Mormon. It is true. I love that i get a time set a part each day to read from its true pages. I hope i will continue studying from it daily and encourage everyone to do the same.

All of the other investigators are still just plugging along. I love teaching them and sometimes i go away thinking they have taught me more then i have taught them!

Its cold here! Especially on a bike. But when times get tough i think of the Savior laying down His life for me in the Garden of Gethsemane. What an amazing example we have. We are very blessed!

I love you guys so much. I hope you are all doing so well. Not much has happened.  Is there anything i can do for you guys? Let me know.

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